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International Consulting



In 2018 I completed a block at UCSD in San Diego, USA reviewing their Sports Medicine programme. This was a multi-pronged approach to upskilling current workforce via workshops, protocol development and professional development opportunities such as one of one therapist training in addition to system and protocol review and implementation. It was hugely rewarding to see the opportunities that were available from an improvement perspective particularly within the integration of the physiotherapy and S and C trailing programmes and the benefit this will provide to their athletes progression as well as minimisation of injury risk as this continues to evolve.


An ongoing relationship with UCSD ensures that a collaborative research based approach to Sports medicine can continue to evolve.


In 2019 - 2021 I worked as a consultant with the Chinese Women's Sevens programme. This role is focused on building a High Performance Sports Medicine and Sports Science programme including identifying an appropriately skilled physiotherapist to lead this programme on the ground. This consulting role has involved the following:


  • Team physiotherapist identified and employed

  • Review of all current sports medicine systems

  • Implementation of up to date research based rehabilitation protocols post significant sevens injuries ie ACL, shoulder reconstruction, concussion.

  • Education of athletes and greater management team regarding Sports Science particularly focused on the female athlete

  • Strategy targeting minimisation of injury risk designed and implemented

  • Load management education and review

  • Video analysis and technique focus in rehab and gym programming primarily with athletes and sports science staff

  • Regular weekly contact/mentoring with team physiotherapists and S and C through to Tokyo 2020 in July 2021.

International Experience

With 20 year's experience in International and High Performance Sport I enjoy the opportunities available world wide in working with other Sports Physiotherapy and sports science team. I strongly believe in the benefits of mentoring sports physiotherapists at all levels of sport and I'm passionate about providing ongoing education in this space.


Due to its size and innovative nature I strongly believe NZ’s Sports Medicine has many practitioners who are at the top of their field world wide and the ability to take this knowledge and the practical application of it to other countries and utilise it to build effective, efficient and leading edge programmes is a challenge I love​.

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