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Referrer Information

Please ensure that if referring for a Specialist consultation that 'Physiotherapy Specialist Assessment' is included in the referral as this is a requirement from an ACC perspective.
  • Up to 4 follow-up appointments can be utilised as require. These will be utilised to assess progress, complete retesting of strength measures, ensure that current treatment and rehabilitation. programmes are appropriate and assisting successful achievement of goals. 

  • The primary aim is to return patients to their current physiotherapist/referring provider for ongoing management with guidance provided as useful/required.

  • Referring physiotherapists are encouraged to attend the appointment with their patient as able. This is not a requirement but is beneficial for both the patient and specialist and assists with great patient outcomes.

  • Please email the referral and we will contact patients directly to make an appointment where possible within the following 2 weeks. 

  • Complete ARTP reports will be sent to referrers in addition to treating physiotherapists (with patient consent).

Patients can be referred for any of the following:

  • Diagnostic or management review for patients who are not progressing as expected.

  • Short course of management for complex condition where results have not been as expected with primary treatment provider.

  • Providing full assessment, rehabilitation and treatment plans to patients and their referrers for complex or non resolving sports related injuries.

  • Liaising with referring parties.

  • Providing an appropriate treatment provider (if not currently under the care of a physiotherapist) to implement the treatment and rehabilitation plan as outlined post specialist assessment.

  • High level assessment including strength, power, rate of force development and sports specific analysis such as running gait assessment.



Physiotherapy Specialist ACC Contract 

ACC have a Physiotherapy Specialist contract under a variation to the Physiotherapy Services contract. This is another world-first for NZ, having also been the first country to recognise and regulate a Physiotherapy Specialist scope of practice under health practitioner licensing regimes, we are now the first country to provide a tiered funding model for Physiotherapy Specialists for ACC clients. 


From 1st August 2019, patients with an active and relevant ACC claim who are referred to a Physiotherapy Specialist from a registered health professional are fully funded by ACC. Prior approval from ACC is no longer required providing the referral states that the referral is for a 'Physiotherapy Specialist Assessment and Treatment'. 

For those that do not have an ACC claim they may be seen by a Physiotherapy Specialist privately. 


Physiotherapy Specialists can provide second opinions for other physiotherapists, GPs, surgeons and other health professionals to assist with diagnosis, rehabilitation and treatment planning for their patients. With full funding for ACC clients, physiotherapy specialists can now offer extended assessment and reporting times without the need to charge a co-payment. It is anticipated that this will improve access to specialist services.


Physiotherapy specialists are, first and foremost physiotherapists, which means they understand what physiotherapists do and consider referrals from physiotherapists as a logical progression, rather than a failure of conservative care. Though they will actively treat patients when appropriate, in the majority of cases physiotherapy specialists to return patients to referrers for regular ongoing management where possible, or onwardly refer along with specific recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation.


Referring physiotherapists are encouraged to attend the appointment with their patients if they are able. This serves as a professional educational opportunity and may be recorded in CPD records.


All Physiotherapy Specialists in NZ are listed below with their location and areas of Specialty. Physiotherapy Specialists may see patients from outside their region with patients travelling for in person consultations or online consultations via telehealth being performed where appropriate allowing greater access to physiotherapy Specialists for those who are outside the main centres. All Physiotherapy Specialists are happy to be contacted with any questions about Physiotherapy Specialist Services and referrals


Services and referrals – please contact: with any questions.

Specialist Physiotherapists NZ

Auckland: Dr Margie Olds (Musculoskeletal)

Auckland: Rebecca Longhurst (Sports)

Tauranga: Jacinta Horan (Sports)

Tauranga: Jacqui Clarke (Pain)

Taupo: Melissa Davidson (Pelvic Health)

Wellington: Dr Ben Darlow (Musculoskeletal)

Christchurch: Dr Angela Cadogan (Musculoskeletal) 

Christchurch: Dr Mark Laslett (Musculoskeletal) 

Christchurch: Dr Tracey Pons (Pain)

Christchurch: Neil Tucker (Sports)
Dunedin: Dr Steve Tumilty (Musculoskeletal)

Dunedin: Dusty Quinn (Musculoskeletal)

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