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Patient Information


The title Physiotherapy Specialist is awarded by the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand to physiotherapists who have proven they are working at an expert level in their chosen field. This is a challenging and time consuming achievement that is only granted after a rigorous assessment process. Specialists must demonstrate specialist level clinical skills and knowledge, a contribution to the profession through leadership in their chosen field and have an on-going involvement in research.

Since 2019 there has been a Specialist Physiotherapy contract with ACC that allows Physiotherapy Specialists to review your case and determine what direction of treatment and rehabilitation would be most effective going forward. Full reports will be sent to your referrer and if you have a current physiotherapist they are welcome to attend this appointment with you and/or reports will be sent to your therapist with opinions regarding future treatment direction. Further reviews are then available to assess your progress as appropriate. 




Your initial consultation will be 1 hour in duration and if you require a follow-up this will be 30 minutes. Where possible all consent forms and questionnaires will be emailed out to you prior to your appointment which will allow you time to ensure these are completed in advance. These are beneficial to allow your assessment session to be as targeted as possible and time well utilised. If for some reason you have been unable to complete these in advance please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your consultation so these can be completed without impacting on your appointment time.

Your examination will include both a detailed history of your condition, limitations and goals and then a thorough examination which may include strength testing, bio-mechanical assessment and running analysis dependent on your injury and sport/exercise. A discussion post assessment will summarise all findings and a full plan with regards to helping your achieve your goals and return to the sport/exercise you love. There will also be time to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have regarding your findings/plan. Where appropriate further imaging or onward referral may be required and this will be completed after your appointment.

Please bring appropriate sports clothing for the examination and running shoes if you run regularly or are keen to get back to running. 




If you have been referred by another health professional the referrer will be sent a full report after the assessment. If follow-up appointments are required they will also be sent updated reports regarding progress, alterations to treatment and programming plans and any onward referral information. If you have a regular physiotherapist treating you for your injury they are welcome to attend this appointment with you also. 


If you have a current ACC claim there is no cost to you the patient as Specialist appointments are fully funded by ACC. If you do not have an ACC appointment and require a Specialist appointment please contact for fee information.

My Services

Second opinion/review of complex or non resolving sports injury cases including but not limited to:

  • Review of diagnosis/differential diagnosis

  • Treatment and management plans

  • Utilisation of technology to complete strength, rate of force development and power testing

  • Running or sports specific technique analysis

Areas of specialty include:

  • Athletic hip and groin pain

  • Non resolving lower limb tendinopathies

  • Complex athletic foot and ankle injuries

  • Female athletes

  • The sporting shoulder

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